The Owen's School Association

Match Funding

The most important thing about match funding is that it costs you nothing.  Each match though can raise hundreds of pounds for the association, and this in turn is used for your child’s education.

Match funding if offered by many Regional, National and International Companies to charities championed by their employees. Organisations in all sorts of sectors offer this support including Legal, Accountancy, High Street Retail, Banking, Financial, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and even Utilities.

If you know you are or think you might be eligible please contact us on

So don’t forget, Match Funding, it costs you nothing but can raise thousands of pounds each year with minimal effort from you and us.


The Owen's School Association, working to support Dame Alice Owen's School.

"Dont forget, match funding Costs You Nothing and can raise Thousands of Pounds Each Year with minimal effort from you and us."

The following companies are amongst those from which we have received donations

Royal Bank of ScotlandThe AbbeyNat West Bank
Barclays BankShellHalifax Building Society
Reed Smith

Thank You