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Keeping in Contact

Keeping in contact with the school community is important to the Association.  Occasionally we will use the school's InTouch system to send out information and of course there is the OSA website.

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Subscribing to the OSA email list 

Sometimes though we would like to contact you via our own email list, maybe to further advertise an event or to pass on other information.  Only a few emails are sent out using this list each year and we would be delighted if you would provide us with your details so that we may add you to the list:

You can subscribe to our list directly by sending an email to and providing the following information:

Full Name
Child's Name
Child's school year (and preferably form)
I/We would be able to help with refreshments Etc at school events*  Yes / No

Tip - The above text can be copied and pasted into an email.

Refreshments Rota*

One of the OSA's functions is to provide refreshments during intervals at Concerts, Plays and parents' evenings.  If you can spare a couple of hours just once a year to help it would be greatly appreciated.  It might be that you are attending the event anyway and can help during the interval.
If you offer to help with refreshments you will receive an email (one or two a term) asking if you would help at any of a number of school events.  The rota and much of the refreshments organisation is dealt with by Sarah Lewczynski (Our PTA-UK award winning committee member).

You can join the OSA Helpers email list by sending an email to

You might also like to introduce yourself directly to Sarah at a school or OSA event.