Match Funding

We encourage Match Funding – large companies will match the money we raise. You just have to ask your employer!

Match funding (or matched- giving) is a simple way of maximising funds raised. Match funding is a corporate arrangement where companies pledge to donate a sum relating to the amount their employee donates to or raises for an organisation.

For example, a parent who works for a company that offers matched funding volunteers to work on the refreshment stall at the OSA fete. The profit made by the stall is £200. The parent’s employer will then match this amount with a further £200 (assuming they offer a £ for £ match).

Alternatively, a parent may opt to make a cash donation to the OSA or do a sponsored fund raiser, which again could be matched by their employer.  Organisations match fund in a variety of ways:

Companies may also be happy to consider gifts in kind such as donating equipment or services like in-house printing. If the gift is appropriate, this can actually be far more valuable than a cash donation.

How do I know if my company offers this?  Most employers expect their employee to talk to them in the first instance. To find out if your company offers this scheme, approach your line manager, HR department or community relations manager.

It is important to ‘sell’ the value of supporting the OSA. Explain why the OSA needs funds and what you do for your school community.  Once the company has agreed to a match fund, ask them to put their pledge in writing to OSA including details of any agreed limit as we need this confirmed.  Thank you!

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Match Funding Documents: